Have you ever considered – “Would I be responsible if something happened to someone during a trip I had organised?”

It has become more commonplace for therapists and /or practitioners to widen the services they provide to their clients in the form of offering treatments and/or activities as part of a package trip or holiday: i.e. combining treatments / therapies and / or advice alongside accommodation, food, transportation etc. 

Whilst the standard Professional Liability policy sourced by Balens covers you to attend a retreat or similar as a qualified therapist and / or practitioner to provide advice, teaching, treatments and / or activities only, it will not cover you if you organise the event. 

Under the 2018 Travel Package Regulations, where an individual organises two or more elements of trip which are combined together to form a single event that they sell to clients or the general public they may incur other liabilities as they are considered to be acting as a Tour Operator.

Whilst Balens do not profess to be experts in the legal requirements relating to the above, we do have specialist staff that understand the insurance cover that you will potentially need to meet your obligations when arranging a trip, holiday or retreat for others.  

For further information please see our article How Balens Professional Liability Insurance policy responds for retreats

Benefits of a Standard Tour Operators Liability Policy

This policy will potentially meet liabilities you could incur for the “proper performance of a contract” and for actions of sub-contractors and or suppliers.

A standard Tour Operators Liability policy can provide the following sections of cover:

  • Professional Indemnity

    Cover protects you against claims for compensation by dissatisfied customers which results in legal liability, following any error and omission as the tour operator. Cover can extend to provide insurance for incorrect information in brochures and advertising material.

  • Employers Liability

    Covers your legal liability for injury to UK employees and volunteers that work for you, and includes the activities that are undertaken on your behalf. Cover can apply for temporary work abroad.

  • Public Liability & Products Liability

    Cover for legal liability through acts of negligent resulting in injury to third party persons and / or damage to their property for events such as food poisoning, provision of transportation services etc. 

    Consider the range of work you do, what contractual and legal requirements do you have? The limits of liability are optional and based upon your requirements. Common policy limits range from £1m to £10m. 

    Any Insurer that we approach will have a dedicated Claims Team that will be able to assist you in a crisis.

Optional Additional Cover that can be considered and arranged:

  • Cancellation / Abandonment Cover

    Cover can include any expenses or lost revenue you may stand to lose if an event you have planned is cancelled, abandoned or postponed. Cover can be extended to include Public Liability, Employers Liability and even Equipment Insurance.

  • Group Travel Insurance

    Cover for medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage etc. whilst travelling outside the UK for personal and / or business reasons.

Commercial Department

If you are a member of any Association or Training School who hold a customised insurance scheme with Balens, you will be eligible for discounted rates. If you are not, you will be able to join our Individual Bridge Block scheme for Health and Well-Being Professionals.

Other policies services which may be useful:

Balens have a range of additional policies that you may wish to consider as part of your insurance portfolio.

  • Balens Professional Liability Insurance policy For individual therapists / health, well-being, fitness or beauty professionals, looking for an insurance solution to cover them, in the event they are held legally liable for any breach of their Professional Duty in connection with their business activities i.e. advice/treatments/therapies provided. Please also see our Article – Introduction to Insurance. 
  • Charities and Not-for-Profit Organisations - Are you a community Band or similar? Do you have volunteers or Trustees? Balens have a range of options to meet the insurance requirements for this business sector.   
  • Clinic / Salon Policy – As your business grows you may need to cover the business and business name for the work, treatments and / or advice of more than one person. Balens offer two options of cover designed to cater for this need, Contingent Cover and a Full Clinic Policy. The ‘Clinic’ policy can cover work performed by other qualified professionals, whether employed or self-employed that work under your corporate name. Please also see our Article – Do you run a Multi Profession Clinic?
  • Cyber / Crime Insurance – Your business may be at risk if you use any form of internet-based technology within your business or for the storage of data. Cyber / Crime insurance is designed to protect businesses and individual users from these risks, including such elements as theft of funds, loss of data, online fraud, transmission of a virus.
  • Health Products Insurance Package – Balens have devised a package policy for Health, Well-Being, Fitness and Beauty Professionals that may be involved in the manufacture, sale and / or distribution of related products.
  • Marine Cargo and Transit cover – As a business involved with the manufacture, sale and / or distribution of Products or goods you may wish to insure the items whilst being shipped or transported worldwide or around the UK. Please contact us for further information.
  • Personal Accident and / or Sickness policies – This cover may be of particular importance for those that are self-employed and have no alternative income. Balens have devised and arranged a policy designed to pay out either a lump sum or a weekly benefit (if selected) in the event of an accident, bodily injury to you and / or illness depending upon the type of policy chosen. Please also see our Article – Personal Accident and Sickness Cover. 
  • Training School Insurance – If you hold a Professional teaching qualification and are a qualified Health, Wellbeing, Fitness or Beauty Practitioner who wants to train and certify others, Balens offer a Teaching School Insurance for an unlimited number of students.
    If you are looking to offer training which issues certificates of attendance only, this is automatically included in our Balens Professional Indemnity policy with no limits and for no additional premium.  If you are issuing certificates of competence, a Training School extension can be added to your Professional Liability policy for an additional premium (limits apply). Please also see our Article – Do You Treat & Teach or Do You Need A Training School Policy?