At Balens we have a long history of working with the Charity and Not-for-Profit sectors and are very aware of risks that these organisations and their Trustees, Directors and Officers may face. We have developed relationships with insurers that are specialists in this area, enabling you to choose a well-designed protection plan for your unique needs. We are able to offer comprehensive and flexible options for organisations of all sizes and structures, with a selection of covers to suit the individual requirements of a voluntary, not for profit charity or social enterprise.

Alternatives to package options are available.

Details of the Policy:

The insurers we use have a range of policies that can be tailored to suit your insurance needs. You can choose a packaged policy or elect the sections of cover that are most appropriate to your requirements.  

Our basic policy is for Charities and Not-for-Profits with an income / turnover of up to £1m, wages not exceeding £500,000 per annum and not more than 500 volunteers / members. Alternative packages are available for organisations with have greater income etc.

The basic policy covers the charity or voluntary organisation for:

  • Contents Cover

    Office equipment and all other contents (i.e. items other than the structure of the building) are insured against loss or damage occurring at the premises and arising from an insured peril, including fire, flood and theft. Cover may be extended to include, for example, accidental damage. 

  • £10m Employers Liability

    This covers the Employer if they are held legally liable for injury caused to any employees, volunteers or work experience assistants sustained during the course of their work.

    • This cover is a legal requirement where staff are employed within your business. Self-employed people are not usually covered by this.   
    • Medical Professionals may have to pay a lot for this cover if they are involved in lifting or handling.
    • Certificates have to be kept by law now for 40 years after cover ceased.
    • Cover limit is reduced to £5m if acts of terrorism are involved.
  • £100,000 Legal Expenses cover

    Covers legal costs and awards in the event of employee disputes, Statutory Licence Protection, Contracts Disputes and Debt Recovery disputes.

  • Personal Accident Cover

    For employees or the charity and authorised volunteers following injury arising as a result of the activities of the charity. Includes cover for death, permanent disablement, temporary permanent disablement, dental and medical expenses. 

  • £2m Public Liability Cover

    Legal Liability for injury to the public or damage to their property which happens as a result of the Charities activities. Includes cover for temporary trips abroad to conferences, and meetings, plus attending events not organised by the charity, provided certain criteria are met.

  • £2m Products Liability Cover

    To include the selling or supplying of goods.

All policies are subject to Terms and Conditions.

Optional Extensions

We are able to offer a number of extensions to this policy from Buildings Cover to Computer Breakdown cover, including: 

  • Buildings Insurance

    To be considered if you are the owner or responsible for this as part of any rental agreement. This may also be a requirement of any mortgage agreement that you have on the property. 

  • Trustees’ Indemnity cover

    Includes any costs or damages for which Trustees, Directors or Officers are legally responsible due to any ‘wrongful’ activity committed by them in their capacity as a Trustee, Director or Officer of the charity.

  • Professional Liability cover

    To cover the individual insured in the event of a complaint or claim made for advice or treatments given in their course of their work. 

  • Business Interruption cover

    Covers any loss of profits to the charity in the event that an insured event results in the organisation having to cease trading or find new premises for a period, for example following a flood or fire where the building becomes unusable.

  • Personal Accident cover

    To cover income and expenses if the insured is unable to work due to an accident.

Additional Cover options

  • All Risks
  • Money & Fidelity Guarantee
  • Computer Breakdown
  • Goods in Transit
  • Cyber & Crime
  • Plus many more options as required.

Please contact us to get a personalised quote for your practice:

Commercial Department 01684 580 776

Other policies services which may be useful:

Balens have a range of additional policies that you may wish to consider as part of your insurance portfolio.

  • Contents, Equipment & Employers Liability Insurance – Balens have devised a range of contents package options to cover contents stock and equipment which you own and / or are responsible for.  Employers Liability is included as standard, plus you have the option to add additional sections of cover such as Business Interruption, Buildings Insurance, Products Liability and Terrorism. Please also see our Article – Risk Management for Salon Owners.
  • Clinic / Salon Policy – As your business grows you may need to cover the business and business name for the work, treatments and/or advice of more than one person. Balens offer two options of cover designed to cater for this need, Contingent Cover and a Full Clinic Policy. The ‘Clinic’ policy can cover work performed by other qualified professionals, whether employed or self-employed that work under your corporate name. Please also see our Article – Do you run a Multi Profession Clinic?
  • Cyber / Crime Insurance – Your business may be at risk if you use any form of internet-based technology within your business or for the storage of data. Cyber / Crime insurance is designed to protect businesses and individual users from these risks, including such elements as theft of funds, loss of data, online fraud, transmission of a virus. 
  • Training School Insurance – If you hold a Professional teaching qualification and are a qualified Health, Wellbeing, Fitness or Beauty Practitioner who wants to train and certify others, Balens offer a Teaching School Insurance for an unlimited number of students.
    If you are looking to offer training which issues certificates of attendance only, this is automatically included in our Balens Professional Indemnity policy with no limits and for no additional premium. If you are issuing certificates of competence, a Training School extension can be added to your Professional Liability policy for an additional premium (limits apply). Please also see our Article – Do You Treat & Teach or Do You Need A Training School Policy?

Areas of Cover - Other Options:

Trustees Only Package:

We offer a single package, if there are no assets to insure (e.g. Buildings, Contents), for Trustees Indemnity, Legal Expenses and Loss of Reputation only, with optional extensions for Professional Liability, and Fidelity Guarantee.

Smaller Charities and Social Enterprises:

We also cater for the smaller charity or not-for-profit organisation with the Starter Connect package. This is ideal for groups with an income of under £25,000 providing Public Liability cover with options for Employers Liability and Contents / All Risks cover. 

Research suggests that many community groups are without appropriate insurance cover even though it is often a condition of premises hire. The package is designed to provide Public Liability and other optional covers at a reasonable cost, for the activities of clubs, groups and societies, whether at the hired or rented premises or away from them.

Larger Charities and Not-for-Profit Organisations:

Various package options for organisations with a larger turnover and / or other needs or a bespoke policy to meet individual specific requirements are available.

Please contact us for details.