Balens have provided ARCHTI (Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland) with a Practitioner, Public Liability, Malpractice and Products Liability Insurance Cover for our Members since 2005. We can honestly say that the high quality of service, professionalism, speed of response and personal attention we receive from all members of staff at Balens is beyond compare. We have a dedicated, efficient and trustworthy member of staff, Sue, appointed to take care of our Group Scheme and she will contact any of our Members personally if required to reassure them and look after their needs and even if she is away on holiday another member of staff will be there to help. We are never left alone and waiting for assistance. David Balen is a credit to his Parents who founded the Company and he has maintained a family tradition seldom found these days in business. His own sons, Joe and Josh are helping him carry on that tradition and his staff have great respect and fondness for him and the whole company treat us with the care and attention one would give to their own family. Balens have consistently provided our Members with very affordable premiums over the years and the level of Indemnity ensures that they are well protected for every eventuality. We can heartily recommend Balens to anyone seeking the best insurance cover for their needs and we are proud to be associated with them. Peggy Kelly-ARCHTI (2011)

Peggy Kelly-ARCHTI

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