Contact Details

Phone: +441684 580776

For the Republic of Ireland: Affinities@balens.co.uk

For all other International enquires: Europe@balens.co.uk

If you are already insured as a Health or Wellbeing Professional through Balens on one of our Malpractice schemes for your professional liability, you may already be covered for working abroad, please can we ask that you contact us to check.

Balens can currently provide cover to residents in Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands and France. We hope to add others in the future.

Our service is 'Brexit proof'. We currently service most of our European clients from the UK using an EU-wide facility called 'passporting'. Should passporting from the UK crease at the end of the Brexit transition period we will simply transfer servicing of these countries to our European subsidiary, Balens Europe BV, which currently services our Dutch clients. www.balensverzekeringen.nl

Please contact us for more information and if we are not yet ready for the particular country you require cover for, we can put your details on our data base and we will inform you when it is ready.

Testimonials from Clients overseas!

“Muchas gracias por tu rapidez en la gestión de mi póliza RC y el envio de la documentación correspondiente. Quedé gratamente impresionada por tu rapidez y eficiencia.
Saludos cordiales desde Barcelona”

English Translation
“Thank you so much for being so quick with dealing with my Public Liability Policy and sending me the corresponding documents.  I was pleasantly surprised with how quick and efficient you were.
Best regards from Barcelona“